Customer Reviews

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This is the BEST EDGE CONTROL I've ever used Y'all!! I had a frontal wig on and took it off and my edges were still laid!! Can't wait to post pics with this!

-S. Jones Menphis, TN

When I say I haven't found NOOOOOOOOO lashes as good quality or had as many reuses out of!! None are as good as these lashes!

-C. Randall Shreveport, LA

Krowned Essentials lashes are THE BEST! Even the ones I used on my client. She's worn them 3 times! I've put them on after doing her makeup and she loves them!! 

-A. Johnson Bastrop, LA

I'm not gonna lie I was real skeptical about buying stuff I see promoted on IG. I was really worried about being scammed or not getting the product I purchased but the owner was very nice and helped me get what I needed.

-D. Wellington Natchez, MS

Their lashes are so soft and they lasted me multiply wears! I've never had lashes do that! Definitely will be purchasing again!

-T. Matthews  Ruston, LA

OMG everything was soooooo beautiful!!!! I love their lashes, packaging and personalized thank you notes! 

-M. James Fredricksburg, Va

Soooo I'll be the first to say I was wrong. From just their IG I thought they didnt have that many followers so I doubt their product would be any good. I'm glad I didn't listen to myself. Their edge control is the best I've ever tried! I will b ordering more soon.

-J. Davidson Orlando, FL

Honestly, "Boss" are my favorite pair of lashes right now! The lash band is thin and comfortable but they add so much volume and length to my lashes! I normally never wear lashes unless its for Instagram but I can wear their lashes all day whether I'm going to school, mall, or an amusement park! 

S. Jain Cupertino, Ca

Boss lashes are my favorite lash they are super natural and soft so its really comfortable to wear.

-M. Ballad  Boston, MA

When I tell you this edge control had my edges slicked down for 3 days straight!! Whew I'm definitely buying this again!

-G. Marshall Houston, TX